Cozzi & Cozzi, Counsellors at Law will handle your expugment process in all of New Jersey

At Cozzi & Cozzi, we don't believe that because you did something foolish when you were younger, or in a moment of poor judgment, that you should be punished for it indefinitely. The fact is that every single day that a criminal conviction or just an arrest remains on your record can mean lost opportunities; a job, a loan, a lease approval, a financial aid package for school, or perhaps registering to vote or obtain a firearm permit. Many companies, banks and schools now subscribe to search services that perform background checks on prospective applicants, and you should know what you can do to improve your standing. Fortunately, New Jersey offers the opportunity to have Criminal and Arrest Records cleared through the Expungement Process. Strict, statutory rules determine who can file a petition for and receive an expungement of their record, but under most circumstances your record can be wiped clean, whether the matters at issue involve an indictable offense, a disorderly person's offense, or a violation of a municipal ordinance. Applying for and being granted an expungement in New Jersey can be complicated, tedious, expensive and time-consuming, but with the help attorneys experienced, it is entirely achievable.

The experienced expungement attorneys at Cozzi & Cozzi know how to file a complete and effective Expungement Petition before a Superior Court Judge to obtain an order compelling the various law enforcement agencies to insulate and isolate your Criminal Record. We are also experienced in properly serving all of the appropriate agencies with the petition and order, so that they are prevented from wrongfully objecting to it. Depending on the age, nature and number of arrests or offenses involved, the Expungement Petition and its filing can be complicated and may vary in time from case to case, but once the Expungement Order is obtained and served on the appropriate agencies, your Criminal Record will be removed from public view, you will be lawfully entitled to answer, "No" to any questions regarding the underlying incidents, when applying for a job in the private sector. Expungement Laws also prohibit potential private sector employers and fellow employees from asking you to disclose expunged records, so you can move on with your life secure in the knowledge that your information remains private, without your past mistakes adversely affecting your future.

You should be aware, however, that only New Jersey Criminal and Juvenile records can be expunged by the New Jersey Expungement Process. A New Jersey Superior Court Judge does not have ability to order that records from any other State jurisdictions, or Federal Criminal Records, be expunged. Additionally, motor vehicle records, including DWI/DUI convictions, and Civil Orders, such as Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, cannot be expunged. Certain, serious criminal offenses are also exempt from this process and cannot be expunged. Finally, the amount of time which has passed since you completed your sentence, how many offenses and what types of other convictions are on your record can lengthen, complicate or completely defeat the process, so it's important to have qualified, experienced attorneys handle your Expungement Petition. At Cozzi & Cozzi, we understand these potential obstacles and complications, and are prepared to handle your Expungement Matter in an efficient, professional and effective way. Call us today for your no-cost consultation!